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Robert D. Wermager, Esq. is the head mediator and founder of Arizona Divorce Without Court / Arizona Family Law Mediation. Mr. Wermager provides mediation services to families to help resolve legal disputes without going to Court.

As mediator, Mr. Wermager does not represent either party, but acts as a facilitator towards agreement on all the issues required by the Arizona Superior Court in resolving family law disputes. When the parties are able to reach agreements, Mr. Wermager will draft documents in line with the parties’ agreements, thus allowing the parties to normally file documents with the Court without having to ever appear in person. Generally, it is a much lower conflict and less expensive alternative to each party battling out their disputes through the Court system with the Judge ultimately deciding.

Mr. Wermager is an experienced Family Law attorney who has worked for years litigating disputes in the Family Court.

Mr. Wermager has contemporaneously maintained a mediation practice as well in the area of family law. Mr. Wermager sees mediation as a superior alternative in most cases to litigating in Family Court. Mediation involves the parties sitting down with the mediator and working through the issues in a cooperative method.

What is mediation? (click here to find out more)

Family / Divorce mediation is a positive alternative to each party battling the issues out in Court and ultimately letting a Judge decide. Mediation lets the parties have personal involvement in resolving their dispute and coming up with agreements that allow each party to move forward.

Most mediations can be completed in just a few sessions and the parties can begin to move forward with their lives.

Mediation normally entails substantially less cost and much less stress and anxiety in resolving family law disputes than traditional litigation.

If you and the other spouse or other parent of a child have a dispute whether it be divorce, paternity, property division, spousal maintenance or modification of prior Orders that may be able to be resolved through mediation, please give our office a call to set up a time for you and your spouse or parent of your child to come in for an initial consultation.


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